How to Record Android Screen without Root

You want to record your android screen to make a video playtrough or gameplay of android games but when you go to google play store, almost application there required root.

Are there another way without root your android ?

Yes it’s possible, but this way you should use your PC , USB cable to connect your device to PC and require Android 4.4 on your device.
You should install android SDK on your PC. I assume here you already installed Android SDK, if you still confuse to install it I will make the tutorial someday. There are two method to use android SDK to record your android screen, first is to use Dalvik Debug Monitor and second is to use command prompt with execute some command to begin recording.

Record Android Screen with Android SDK Method 1 – Dalvik Debug Monitor

Step 1

After you install it , connect your device with your PC. Make sure to allow USB Debugging on your Android. As you seen on image below, choose OK to allow USB Debugging.

USB Debugging

Step 2

After that, open Dalvik Debug Monitor, it’s ddms.bat file go to folder sdk–> tools. On my PC it’s located on:
C:\Program Files\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20140702\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20140702\sdk\tools

It will open a command prompt, after that wait for a few seconds until it will open automatically Dalvik Debug Monitor.



Step 3

Click your device, I remark the image below with red circle. You should click the device,  if not Screen record feature will be disabled.

select device

Step 4

To record your android screen, go to device –> Screen record


Step 5

After you click the Screen Record, it will display the screen recorder options window.
You can set the bit rate for your video, it will affect video quality. Video width and height also you can set it and last, Save Video As to determine where you want to save your screen record video.


Step 6

Click OK and screen recording process will start. You only have maximum 180 seconds video, if you reach 180 seconds the video recording will automatically stop and save your video.


Record Android Screen with Android SDK Method 2 - Command Prompt

Step 1

Connect your device with your PC. Make sure to allow USB Debugging on your Android.

Step 2

Run the command prompt, after the command prompt window open, go to sdk\platform-tools folder. After it execute this below command in the command prompt:

adb devices

Step 3

After you execute the command, the command prompt will show like this :


Step 4

To start recording process, execute command below :

adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/yourVideoName.mp4

yourVideoName.mp4 is your video name, you can change it freely.

Step 5

After recording reach 180 seconds,   it will stop automatically or if you want to stop it before 3 minutes you can press Ctrl + C and it will save to your device internal storage.